Sunrooms Three Season

Sunrooms | 3 season in Chapel Hill


Sunrooms allow you to enjoy your porch a lot longer than screen porches, Keep Pollen Out, Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer.

We see a lot of residents in the Raleigh area wanting screen porches. After many years of working in this industry we have concluded only a fraction of people that have screen porches built feel like they truly got there money out of them vs people that build sunrooms. We see people starting to use their screen porches in March but sometimes we get cold snaps in March and it is to cold. April is usually a good month to use them and with a lot of showers it's a great month to have a screen porch. When May rolls around so does the pollen season. You almost need to clean your porch every day to keep it clean then your patio furniture get's all dirty and you don't even want to touch it. Sunroom owners just keep the windows closed. Depending on the year by the time June rolls around it starts getting to hot to use it during the day but sitting in your screen porch at night is perfect. The rest of the summer is awful and most people don't use their porches until the fall weather hits. Figure 2 or 3 months of use in the fall then it's time to shutdown for winter.

Our Raleigh and Cary customers that have upgraded their screen porch to a sunroom get at least 6 more months minimum of enjoyable use out of the new sunroom. Your Screen porch is already there so we just take measurements and replace the screens with either double hung low-e windows or sliding low-e windows which both have full screens.


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Our Sunroom Upgrade/Conversion process is simple and affordable.

Here are the steps.

1. initial consultation. Options discussed

a. Ez-Breeze windows or Custom fit Low E Insulated windows

2. Quote provided

3. Contract signed

4. Custom glass windows ordered

5. Installation date scheduled.

6. Electrical work scheduled and completed. (most codes require additional outlets)

7. Windows installed.

Let us update your existing screen porch to a three season sunroom.