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Providing Deck Cleaning & Deck Staining if your Garner Deck or Fence has seen better days. Most old wood decks and Fences have problems with splinters, mold, popped up nails, and loose boards. While most power washing companies just pressure wash the deck then stain it, we do a LOT MORE. Our 7 step process ensures your deck not only looks good when it’s done but we minimize the chance of splinters, you will know everything is safe, and our premium stains last longer than the store bought stuff from Home Depot and Lowes.

We  service Pressure Treated Southern pine, Ipe Decking, Composite Decking, Cumaru, Cedar, and most other exotic hardwoods. We also provide Complete Deck Repair Services

It’s time to enjoy your backyard again. Call Cary Deck Restoration today for all your deck and fence cleaning staining and repairs.


We take a completely different approach to Garner Deck Cleaning - Staining, and deck restoration. Unlike Garner Pressure Washing companies and other companies with 2 or 3 step processes that only apply cleaners/pressure wash/apply stain, we use a 7 step process for every Garner deck we do. 

We  service Pressure Treated Southern pine, Ipe Decking, Composite Decking, Cumaru, Cedar, and most other exotic hardwoods.

Our 7 Step Process:

  1. Deck Inspection – Before we start any job we do a thorough inspection of your deck framing, supports, railings, stairs, and deck boards.
  2. Deck Repairs – From exposed nails to loose boards to unsafe railings, we can do any repairs necessary.
  3. Deck Cleaning – We use a variety of cleaners based on the condition and type of old finish. Always Environmentally safe products.
  4. Deck Brightening – A brightening solution is applied to your deck to brighten the deck up and remove old stains.
  5. Deck Sanding – We sand EVERY deck we do. No matter how clean you get a deck the wood can always be smoother when sanded.
  6. Deck Staining – We use a variety of stain brands. We have found through our experience of refinishing thousands of decks some products work better on different decks and different environments.
  7. Advanced Maintenance Scheduling – We use over 10 factors to determine the recommended maintenance needed for your deck. Our automated scheduling system alerts you and us when it’s time to inspect the deck for maintenance.

Before you have a Garner Power Washing company, Pressure Washing company,  Painting company, or inexperienced  deck cleaning company service your deck – Call Us! We are happy to schedule a free estimate and show you why our 7 step process is superior to the average clean/stain deck service.